Monday, May 7, 2012

Resisting cynicism

Rose petals in the Old City of Jerusalem, just because.

Last night's Greek elections have given me little from which to draw buoyancy and lots with which to be disillusioned. Because the universe has a way, I have come face to face with my own words. The ceaselessly kind Christine Mason Miller, whose book Ordinary Sparkling Moments changed my conception of what constitutes a book well-loved, asked me to discuss some of what is close to my heart in her Global Inspirations series. At the time, I said:
Resist cynicism. Silence the voices that tell us we are not creative. Believe in the power and magic of storytelling. Learn about the most effective ways to serve; not all manners of service feel true to everyone, and not all make the impact we think they do. “Slacktivism” is easy and meaningful impact is hard. Be skeptical of narratives that portray individuals in conflict or post-conflict areas in ways that minimize their agency over their lives or their integrity. Take leaps of faith, and reward those around you who do. Acknowledge those who have inspired you, and write to tell them that. Mentor someone. [...] Smile when the universe winks at you (I firmly believe it does), and draw strength and inspiration from each wink.
The rest of the interview is available at Global Inspirations today. Thank you, Christine, for reminding me to resist cynicism on the days when cynicism seems like the easiest path and for giving me a forum to discuss that which makes my heart fill with gratitude.

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