Monday, December 5, 2011

Hello, again.

A year ago, I participated in Reverb10, a community project to collectively reflect on 2010. Writers from around the world answered daily prompts on the highlights of the year about to come to an end and their hopes for the year to come. The project brought kindred spirits into my life and redefined the way I think about the digital world, community, writing and love. When I created Stories of Conflict and Love, I had a list of topics I was adamant I would never write about. Luckily for all of us, I have violated every condition on that list. Reverb10 came into my life at a critical juncture in my work in conflict and post-conflict zones, as it reminded me that in life and in work, in writing and in love, the world needs to see a little bit of your soul.

As part of Reverb11, Diana Prichard asked: "Who are you?" I answer in video form, with a compilation of photos, stories, and words from the year past, and with a heart exploding with gratitude for kinship, shared growth and the most benevolent 'invisible readers' I could have ever dreamed of.

* Note: If the embedded link does not work for you, click here. The instrumental cover of Bon Iver's Skinny Love is courtesy of Pedro Rovisco. All photos were taken by me in 2011, except the last three images, captured lovingly by Dani Trujillo and Noam Cochin. If you are curious about where a particular photo was taken, or would like to guess, leave a note in the comments! 

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