Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mentors and Role Models, Part II

The mentorship project for young women I discussed in an earlier post is getting off the ground with the support of NGOs and international organizations in Egypt. As specific activities are becoming better defined and local partners are increasingly identified, I would love to hear your thoughts and own experiences with mentors and role models. While many details need to remain confidential for the time being, the purpose and underlying objectives are briefly summarized below, along with a few ways in which you can contribute to this fellowship project.

To inspire young women in Egypt to seek out role models and establish mentoring relationships with figures in their community

To motivate young women to identify role models in their communities
To facilitate peer learning and share examples of leadership among young women
To increase cultural awareness and understanding by exchanging stories of exemplary figures
To provide vision guidance and logistical support for the establishment of mentoring relationships between young women and figures in their community

How You Can Help
  1. Contribute to the data collection phase by completing this survey on role models and mentors. Responses are anonymous.  Click Here to take survey
  2. Do you know a teacher, a classroom, a community program or a non-profit that would consider becoming a partner in the pilot implementation of the project? Email me!
Thank you for your continued support, help and inspiration.

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